Hugo Sum

    Why should you hire me?

    Make your site more performant#

    Minification, compression, conditional-loading, responsive images, client-side caching, critical path optimization...I can implement all this on your site and make it blazing fast.

    This site is built with React. Check out the Lighthouse score of this website to see how good I can do.

    Make your site rank higher in search#

    Apart from traditional SEO practise, proper usage of Schema can earn Rich content card for your site, improving its search ranking and reach significantly.

    See theGoogle Schema reportto see what Schema I have implemented in this site.

    Tools and libraries I am familiar with#

    Functional programming library

    • Ramda

    Frontend Framework

    • React
    • Preact
    • Svelte

    Web framework

    • Express
    • Koa

    CSS Processor

    • SaSS
    • PostCSS
    • Stylus

    CSS Framework

    • Tailwind CSS

    Content Management System

    • Wordpress
    • Strapi

    Test runner

    • Jasmine
    • Mocha

    Static site generator

    • 11ty
    • Razzle
    • Next.js
    • React static


    • Snowpack
    • Rollup.js
    • Webpack
    • Esbuild


    • ESLint